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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christian Genre Challenge ending!

Well, with tomorrow comes the end of 2007, and also the end of the Christian Genre Challenge. So, how'd you do???

Personally, I finished 4/5 books, so I didn't do too badly! I had great hopes of actually finishing this challenge, given I was so close! But, unfortunately, I got pretty distracted in December (as usually happens), and didn't read much of anything this past month.

So, here's what I *did* finish from my list:

  1. THERE IS MORE TO THE SECRET by Ed Gungor (nonfiction)

  2. REVEALED by Tamera Alexander (western)

  3. THE BEST GIFT by Irene Hannon (inspirational)

  4. FEARLESS by Robin Parrish (suspense)

  5. COURTING TROUBLE by Deeanne Gist (historical)

I'm happy with this. I may not have finished the challenge, but I got real close, so that's good enough for me. ;)

Leave a comment with how you did!

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