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Saturday, September 1, 2007

CGC: Update

My Christian Genre Challenge is going well for me, so far! I've finished two of the books from my list:

FEARLESS by Robin Parrish (August 24, 2007)
THE BEST GIFT by Irene Hannon (August 30, 2007)

If I can keep up that pace, I'll complete this challenge! (which is more than I can say for others I've joined/started! LOL... 9 months into the year, and I've only read 3 out of 12 of my TBR Challenge books!)

Ah well. We're reading what we can, when we can. Hopefully I'll get several under my belt in the month of September, as the kids will be back in school, and I still don't have a job... so I've got some uninterrupted reading time coming to me! ;-)

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