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Friday, March 23, 2007

Chunkster Challenge

Nancy, over at Bookfoolery & Babble, is doing a "Chunkster Challenge".

Here are the official "Rules":

1. Time period: The Chunkster Challenge will run from
Jan. 1, 2007 - June 30, 2007.

2. How fat must a "chunkster" be? Anything that makes you say, "Whoa! That's freakin' intimidating!" But, my personal opinion of what constitutes a chunkster is anything over 400 pages.

3. How many books do I have to read? Here, again, I'm going to be extremely flexible because some of you have busier lives, read slower, or are just too terrified to shoot too high and I think that's fine. If you only want to challenge yourself to read one, so be it. So, the official answer is however many you choose.

4. Do I have to choose specific titles? You can either choose specific titles that you want to read during the 6-month challenge OR you may list a pile from which you hope to read a specific number. Please include what you intend to read in a post at your blog site, when you sign up.

5. Why are you making this so ridiculously flexible...? Because I'm not very good at choosing titles and sticking to them. Let's face it, people, Bookfool is one flighty chick. So, I'm going to have a pile from which I plan to attempt a certain number, myself.

6. Will there be prizes? ... I plan to hold two drawings - the first will be for a tote bag to carry your chunksters around, on January 8, and the final drawing at completion of the challenge will probably be really cool but I'm not sure what's in it, yet....

Crazy-woman that I am (not like I don't already have *enough* challenges on my plate!), I'm going to be taking on this challenge, too! :o) And, my LIST of books is as follows:

  1. Envy by Sandra Brown (490p.)

  2. Passage by Connie Willis (674p.)

  3. The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly (756p.)

  4. Middlemarch by George Eliot (838p.)

I probably will pick only 2 of these titles, as I don't think I can manage 4. I've got two other challenges on the go, plus reviewing books (which I'm behind on, already), plus my f2f book club picks. SO, 2 should be plenty. "Middlemarch" will probably make the list, too, as it's already on my "Classics Challenge" list, and my "2007 TBR Challenge" list. ;o)

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