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Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Reading Thing Challenge

Like I need another Challenge, but I can't help myself. I stumbled upon Katrina's SPRING READING THING Challenge today, completely by accident, while blog-hopping. So, I'm thinking it's "meant to be" that I join! LOL


Have you fallen behind on your To-Be-Read list? Do you have five books that you've started but haven't finished? Have you been meaning to get around to that great book your friend recommended but just haven't done it yet? Do you love to read and to find out what everyone else is reading? Then this challenge is for you!

Some of you may be wondering why I'm choosing to join a TBR challenge when I already have one of my own... well, I'm behind on my own challenge! LOL. So, I need a good kick-in-the-pants to get me going again. And, if you read my earlier post about how much I'd like to (or need to) get read this year, you'll understand why I think I *need* this challenge! ;o)

The SPRING READING THING Challenge goes from March 21st - June 21st of this year.


  • Believing God by Beth Moore

  • Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling

  • Envy by Sandra Brown

  • Persuasion by Jane Austen

  • Body Clutter by Marla Cilley & Leanne Ely

  • Idols of the Heart by Elyse Fitzpatrick

  • Making Peace with Your Mom by H. Norman Wright (review)

  • _________________ (Review Book)

  • Premonition by Randall Ingermanson

  • Love Beyond Reason by John Ortberg

  • African Ice by Jeff Buick

  • Thin Again by Arthur & Judy Halliday

Most of these are from my TBR Challenge list. The "Believing God" one is a book I'm reading & studying with another online group. I've left one spot blank, as I'll need to read another review book, but want to be free to pick it when the time comes (I'm a 'mood reader', most of the time). And then, a few are books that will be brand new, but that I've been wanting to read for a while now -- I'll be so excited to get them, I just KNOW I'm gonna wanna read them immediately! ;o) Oh, and I also put a couple on there that I bought at Christmas, or shortly thereafter, that've been causing me guilt for not having read them, yet, after I pined for them for a long time! LOL

Wanna join me?


Jennifer said...

That John Ortberg book sounds interesting. I really enjoyed The Life You've Always Wanted.

MizB said...

I'm not very far into it, yet, but yeah -- it's good! ;o)

<>< Miz

Deena said...

I like your list...and I LOVE Your blog!!