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Thursday, April 26, 2007

CGC: My List

For my Christian Genre Challenge, I plan to read the following (in brackets, following each title, is the Genre the book falls into):

  1. "REVEALED" by Tamera Alexander (Historical)

  2. "SEX GOD" by Rob Bell (Nonfiction)

  3. "TYING THE KNOT" by Susan May Warren (Romance)

  4. "THE BEST GIFT" by Irene Hannon (Inspirational)

** This list is subject to change until July 31st (the last day before the challenge begins!) **


Deena said...

Tag! You're it! I've tagged you for a meme...check out my blog at to see what you need to do...

And why am I not linked to your blog:0)

Gretchen said...


I said, a couple of months ago :), that I'd join in. I haven't posted my list, yet, but I'd love to play. How about this...I'll have it up "soon." ? :)