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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Meme: Mizbooks needs...

Deena posted this funny Meme over on her blog a few days ago, and -being bored right now- I decided to play along... ;-P

It's called "[Insert Your Name] Needs." You Google the phrase "[Name] Needs" and then pick out your favorites to post.

(as Googled...)

Mizbooks (apparently) needs... make a connection to real life Know about Catching a Man

...fixing from addictions

...the untamed faith

...[to be!] light and fluffy

...someone to talk to start reading everyone else's lists

...just a few of them covered in chocolate

...another challenge

...some remodeling

...a better editor

...a small city built with books (this is my absolute FAVE!) earn a little

...that Chinese Food Fix read this book pray about this and see where God leads me

...a healthy body start training for the Bloglympics in June 2008

...more sleep!!! be able to share this journey with people recharge my batteries

...a bookmarking feature get the list down, and also to stop spending

...a vacation be brought back [from where, I wonder???] :-P sort through these different characters provide a different ending retire, or get a life be done then! :-P


Deena said...

Hmmm...a few WHAT covered in chocolate, I wonder:-)

Loved the city built of books...I want to live there, please, oh, please, oh, please:-)

MizB said...

LOL... I know, eh? That made me laugh! But, I love chocolate, so the idea of something covered in it.... well... :-P

And, hey -- have you read "Sixpence House" by Paul Collins? It's all about Hay-On-Wye -- the "Town of Books"! :D

Great book to make ya drool! ;-)